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A "letter box", or "mail slot" in American and Canadian usage, is a slot, usually horizontal but sometimes vertical, about 30 cm by 5 cm ... Canada Post requires all rural mailboxes to have a minimum interior dimensions of 45 cm in length by 17.5 cm in width by ... Mail Receptacles Regulations - Justice Mail Receptacles Regulations SOR/83-743 CANADA POST CORPORATION ACT Registration 1983-09-29 Regulations Respecting the Delivery of Mail to and the Collection of Mail from Certain Mail Receiving and Dispatching Facilities ... How wide is that slot that Canada Post uses to determine if a package is within or out of limits for rates? | Yahoo Answers Hi, I know there are tools on the Canada Post site that can help me find the rate of a package, but just wondering for general purpose, how wide is that slot that people use at Canada Post outlets where they can determine if an envelope is too thick or not for the next ... Pink Gift Card Boxes - Canada Post Mail Slot

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Since they're only about 15mm thick, I put them into a cardboard photo mailer, and the resulting package is still thin enough to go through Canada Post's Slot of Doom (20mm). I would be REALLY AWESOME if they came with cotton ... but they don't cause they're actually gift card boxes. The Business Chat - Beware the Slot of Doom - BeadFX In Canada, using Canada Post, there are height and weight restrictions. They have the dreaded “Slot of Doom” – which is the 2cm rule. If the envelope is higher than 2 cm it will not fit through their slot of doom, the height of most mail slots and it is considered a parcel (much more expensive). Shipping from Canada, is anyone else ready to give up? : Etsy What's the weight and size of your item and the weight and size of box you're using? *edit I really want to know your product, packaging and shipping box dimensions. Shaving 0.5cm off the thickness of your soap could literally be the difference between your $18 shipping and $12 or $10, etc. Companies alter product dimensions all the time in order to make them more transportable. Thin Rigid Mailers – Tagged "Canada-Post" – Made of a durable, E-Flute these ultra thin boxes ship through Canada Posts "slot of doom" as an oversized letter (only 9/16" in height) in Canada for postage of $1.80*. The perfect solution to those small, fragile items you do not want bent in shipping. Tape required for sealing. Available in White and Kraft Brown. *w

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Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Small packet size ruler template gauge slot 20mm for Canada Post Norway Germany at the best online prices at eBay! Delivery Planning Standards Manual - Canada Post Delivery Planning Standards Manual – August 2016 8 2. Mini-parks 2.1 Mini-parks are clustered community maiboxes that contain four or more modules. Each mini-park can serve over 64 households. 2.2 Where a mini-park is to be located on privately held land, the property owner must grant Canada Post a license to occupy the land. Leader of Men: tutorial: how to ship with Canada Post Within Canada, regular parcel is the least expensive method of shipping unless your item is thin enough to fit in the well-known and much-loathed "Slot of Doom" - the 2cm-wide template used by Canada Post to determine if a package can be mailed at one of the cheaper rates. DOOM II - Dimensions - WADs & Mods - Doomworld Yes, Kamila won us over with some designs for levels which didnt fit our previous project, Projekt Xero and so, we decided to give Dimensions a go for the time being as smaller maps apparently appeal more to us right now than we thought.

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Jan 14, 2019 · Canada Post reserves the right to refuse any Customized Postal Indicia design that it, at its sole discretion, deems non-mailable (see Non-mailable Matter in the Canada Postal Guide). NOTE: All Postal Indicia items must be accompanied by an Order ( Statement of Mailing ) and must be deposited at a Canada Post facility and not in a street letterbox. the slotbox - slotbox The slotbox is a 18mm thin box mailer perfect for e-commerce needs. Mail as Canada Post Oversize/letter mail. Fits the 20mm / 2cm slot of doom Letter size ruler template gauge slot 5mm 0.5cm for Canada If you buy this template ruler, you will be able to see if your letter will fit through the slot and qualify for the Letter rate. The official dimensions for Canada post small packet can be found HERE This gauge is to help determine if an item is too thick to qualify for the Small Packet size.

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